The Miles Davis Movie: And Yet Even More Very Cool Unofficial Teaser Posters

This is why I love Miles Davis. This is why I love producing this website. This is why I love knowing that among the people all over the world who also love Miles Davis – some of them are supremely talented artists!

Earlier this year our talented friend Julien Trédan-Turini designed an awesome teaser poster for the Miles Davis Biopic. And then the accomplished graphic designer Heath Killen joined the party and delivered a kick-ass design of his own for a teaser poster.

And now we get to the talented graphic designer Michael Stadtlender who designed four – FOUR! – sensational unofficial teaser posters. I want all four right this second! I love each one, but I think the poster with the artwork from ‘Round About Midnight is my favorite.

The folks in charge of marketing and advertising and whatever else for the biopic should call on all three of these artists because what they’ve created are fantastic examples of movie posters that generate instant excitement about a forthcoming movie. Sure, the Miles Davis Biopic is not likely to arrive in theaters until 2014, if not later, but this new set of posters from Stadtlender, along with the previous two, have me more than ready to enjoy a film about Miles Davis.

© Michael Stadtlender


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