The Miles Davis Movie: A Trio Of Awesome Unofficial Teaser Posters

I really don’t know what to write. Michael Stadtlender’s latest poster designs for the Miles Davis Biopic need no commentary from me. His trio of designs are just about perfect. I love all three. One has a very distinct Saul Bass style, which I love, but really I am enamored with all three.

Stadtlender’s latest set of unofficial poster teasers follows last week’s debut of four posters; what’s nice is the change of pace in design between the two sets. Just goes to show how a talented designer like Stadtlender can take the visual concept of a poster trumpeting the arrival of a biopic about Miles Davis in so many exciting directions. If I’m Don Cheadle I’m taking notes. Whoever ends up picking up the rights to the film (one day), they should consider a contest to let designers present a movie poster. Personally, the more creative involvement from fans the better to help promote the film.

We’re two, probably three years off from the film arriving in theaters, yet already we have an outstanding collection of Miles Davis Biopic posters, from some truly talented designers, that I would happily put in a frame and hang in my office.


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