Miles Davis Is Artist Philip Burke’s Favorite Subject

But it is his portrait of Miles Davis, rather than any politician or rock star that Burke describes as his favorite subject.

“Miles, Miles, Miles: There is something about his fiercely independent spirit and look in his eyes that really inspired me,” he said. Though Davis is long dead, Burke still manages to find the essence of the artist by analyzing videos. “My preparation involves studying a person that I’m doing. Between Google and YouTube, I have a lot of possibilities. ”

The very nature of caricatures is comedic exaggeration, but Burke desires to understand and learn about his subjects in an effort to infuse his work with authentic social commentary.

“There’s a spiritual aspect. My goal is for you to see what it means to be human,” he said.

A collection of Philip Burke’s art can be seen at the Old Town Gallery on 130 Main Street in Seal Beach, CA

Text above from the article The Art of Fame – via Los Alamitos-Seal Beach Patch

Artwork is © Philip Burke


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