Miles Davis | Around The Web

A Weekly Round-Up Of Miles Davis News And Notes

1. Miles Davis and “So What” ranked #2 on The Jazz 100

The Jazz 100 is a crowd-sourced list of the most quintessential jazz songs of all time, determined by the listeners of and NPR Music. (

2. Jazz Knights set to pay tribute to Miles Davis

“The West Point Band’s Jazz Knights present the annual African-American History Month concert on Saturday, February 12th at 7:30 p.m. in Eisenhower Hall at the United States Military Academy. The performance will integrate video featurettes chronicling the life of Miles Davis with live music from the Jazz Knights for an exciting concert presentation.” (Hudson Valley Press)

3. New owners vow to keep Baker’s music alive

“Baker’s Keyboard Lounge sold in a bankruptcy auction Monday for $395,000, and it will remain a jazz club for the foreseeable future.
During the years he lived in Detroit, Miles Davis would walk in, nod to Clarence Baker, go onstage with his horn and just start playing with whoever happened to be there.” (Detroit News)

4. Harmony

“Have you ever tried to whistle Miles Davis, Charlie Parker or John Coltrane? It’s impossible. Listening to that type of music, and playing music for as long as I had, taught me how to critically listen to music – a combination of notes.” (life of an architect)

5. AMMO Icons: Miles Davis

“Miles made the Ivy League look of European tailoring, polished suiting, and Bass Weejun penny loafers his fashion M.O. in the 1950’s. Many style transformations followed, but what Miles remained known for was his attention to detail, be it invisible, drop-sleeve sport coats; rounded club shirt collars; or dress shoes with uppers molded from one piece of uncut leather.” (daily ammo)

6. Miles Davis & Boxing

“Jazz musician friends told me that the legendary Miles Davis was a devoted boxing lover. With curiosity, I decided to research Miles Davis and what he said about the art of pugilism in his biography “So What: The Life of Miles Davis” by John Szwed.” (Boxing Insider)


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