Miles Davis And Philip Seymour Hoffman And A Pool In NYC

artist.psh This is a great story from actor Philip Seymour Hoffman.

Via, here is the breakdown from Hoffman about his encounter with Miles Davis when the jazz legend was swimming in the pool where he was a lifeguard.

The actor recalls, “I was a lifeguard in my early 20s at this place, the Metropolitan Towers… in Manhattan, and no one swam at this place.

“Somebody told me that Miles Davis lived there and so Miles Davis walked in and I didn’t want to make him feel uncomfortable so I pretended I didn’t know him.

“He was wearing a Speedo (swimming trunks) with sunglasses and he had a towel and he got in the pool with his sunglasses and doggie-paddled about five laps, got out, took his sunglasses off and started talking to me because I don’t think that he knew that I knew who he was.

“For about half an hour we sat there and looked out over Manhattan; he told me buildings he owned… accidents he got into, girlfriends, everything except music… and at the end of it he said, ‘I’m Miles…’ and he walked away.”

That’s awesome. No further comment necessary.

It was announced a few days ago that Hoffman, Catherine Keener, Jeremy Northam, and Christopher Walken will star in the indie drama A Late Quartet, about “a world-renowned string quartet struggling to stay together as they mark their 25th anniversary in the face of illness, competing egos and in-suppressible lust.”

* The Life Aquatic with Miles Davis

** rest in peace

3 thoughts on “Miles Davis And Philip Seymour Hoffman And A Pool In NYC”

  1. This man had a lot of wind in him. I always dug his sound from his 1950’s OJC’s(Original Jazz Classics)that my Father used to play through the sixties and into the mid seventies when he stopped and did his thing again from the eighties and all the way into the early nineties when God took him from us. The sound this mortal man made on his trumpet is immortal to those who really dug and listened to his musings through the music he made. Miles Davis will take you miles away from here. Somewhere in the atmosphere, Deep into the stratosphere and back down to earth again. Dazzled. Miles? He still blows. Where he stops.., No-body knows.

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