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Title: Nice Shades Miles
Date created: 11th July 1973

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Miles Davis Tune Works Surprisingly Well Over Freestyle BMX Footage


Miles Davis Talks About Art And Paintings

The 1988 interview with Miles Davis talking about his art and paintings was recorded by YouTube user RedPortiaOne.


Miles Davis – Jack Johnson

Miles Davis | Jack Johnson

Date: 1971
Description: Original newspaper LP promo ad for Miles Davis and his 1971 album Jack Johnson.


Miles Davis – Fillmore 1970

Miles Davis | Fillmore 1970

Date: 1970
Description: Original full page promotional ad for Miles Davis At Fillmore LP.


Miles Davis And The Oscars

milesdavis3_crop With today’s announcement of nominees for the 83rd Academy Awards, I once again have an opportunity to dust off my Miles Davis/Oscars post.

It’s a terrific game of awards speculation, especially now that Don Cheadle has shed a little light on the Miles Davis Biopic, offering a few details about what we have to look forward to with the long-awaited Miles Davis Movie.

From what I understand Miles Davis has never been nominated for an Oscar or attended the event. But, by all means, please let me know if I’m mistaken.

Let’s get the darn thing filmed first, I know, but it’s always fun to speculate over the Oscar fortunes of the Miles Davis Movie.

Let’s assume the movie is really good, regardless if it follows a Hollywood-style biopic blueprint (like the excellent “Ray”), or the more independent, ‘deconstructed’ movie narrative we know Don Cheadle has talked about following.

Anyway… if the Miles Davis Biopic is a slam dunk, I will guarantee a Best Actor nomination for Cheadle. He’s immensely popular and talented, and he would have just portrayed one of the artistic legends of the 20th century. Not too mention directed the film as well.

We reported in November that Herbie Hancock is planning to score the movie. Go ahead and pencil him in for a Best Original Score nomination right now.

Beyond that it’s guess work. A lot will depend on what other films are in contention the year the biopic is released. Hey, a Best Picture nomination isn’t out of the question, especially now that the category includes 10 nominees. Best Director is a possibility, as is the Best Original Screenplay.

Cinematography, Costume Design and Editing might each be in play as well. We’ll leave the other acting categories aside until we see who signs onto the film and in what roles.

It’s not going to be “Titanic,” “Forrest Gump” or any of the ‘big’ movies that blow through the Oscars and sweep up a boatload of awards, but the Miles Davis Biopic might have just enough blend of a really good movie, the Don Cheadle factor and the Academy’s desire to honor the legacy of an entertainment icon to bring home the gold in 2012…2013…2014… ?

Miles Davis – UCLA 1967

Miles Davis | UCLA 1967
Original newspaper concert article for Miles Davis at the Pauley Pavillion UCLA from 1967.


The Reggae Interpretation Of Kind Of Blue

Text about the album Reggae Interpretation of Kind of Blue courtesy Secret Stash Records.

Definitely check out the song samples. It’s a pretty cool spin on a true classic.

In the spring of 1981 a group of reggae studio musicians from Jamaica gathered in New York City under the direction of Jeremy Taylor, a music professor at NYU at that time. The result was this Reggae Interpretation of Kind of Blue.

Though he was primarily regarded as a world-class Jazz musician and educator, Taylor had taken several trips to Jamaica to study reggae music with some of the best performers in the world. In his 1979 book, “A Space Between” Taylor wrote, “My first trip to Jamaica (May 1977) was the most eye-opening musical experience of my life. I met so many incredible players who had been brushed off by the snobby musical establishment at institutions such as the ones I was affiliated with. They showed more musicality, taste, and rhythmic comprehension than some of the most revered musicians in the states. I knew that I had to find a way to showcase their unparalleled talent in a different medium in order for some of my colleagues to fully understand and learn from it.” This statement served as the basic concept behind this album. Taylor took the most loved, well-known modern jazz album of all time and put it in the hands of reggae musicians. It was in this context that he felt his contemporaries would be able to fully understand what it was he saw in these players.

Unfortunately, weeks after directing the sessions Taylor passed away in his Paris hotel room while on a speaking tour of Europe. A final mix of the album was never made and it was never released. Collectors have long spoken of this album and in the late 80s lo-fi cassette tapes of rough mixes circulated. No official release was ever issued until now.

In early 2009, Secret Stash Records began working with the Taylor estate to finally release this album. After creating final mixes, dub versions of all the songs were also made by Secret Stash producers. Now for the first time ever, this highly sought-after album is available. On blue vinyl, this vinyl-only release is a must have for any record collector.

Miles Davis / In Pictures

Hot Lips Page, Tommy Potter, Agent, Big Chief Moore, Sidney Bechet, Al Haig, Charlie Parker, Max Roach, Miles Davis, Kenny Dorham (Paris 1949)
Hot Lips Page, Tommy Potter, Agent, Big Chief Moore, Sidney Bechet, Al Haig, Charlie Parker, Max Roach, Miles Davis, Kenny Dorham (Paris 1949)

Miles Davis / The Album Covers

* sessions, commercial releases, singles, reissues, compilations, live recordings…
** mostly just album covers i think look really cool…

Miles Davis / In Pictures

From everyday i show, by way of This Isn’t Happiness, I am happy to have discovered a marvelous photograph of Miles Davis.

Photo via Institut national de l’audiovisuel

Detroit Symphony Orchestra Presents A Tribute To Miles Davis

The Detroit Symphony Orchestra will present four colleagues of jazz legend Miles Davis at Orchestra Hall on Fri., Feb. 4 at 8 p.m. in their tribute to his musical legacy with Four Generations of Miles.

Each member of this quartet of jazz heavyweights, which includes Sonny Fortune (saxophone), Wallace Roney (trumpet), Jimmy Cobb (drums) and Buster Williams (bass) has collaborated with Davis during radically different phases of his 45-year performing career. Joining this quartet of Davis contemporaries will be Larry Willis (piano), an internationally-renown jazz musician with a career spanning four decades.

Tickets for Four Generations Of Miles range in price from $19 to $63, with a limited number of box seats available for $99, and may be purchased at the DSO Box Office (3711 Woodward Ave., Detroit), by calling the DSO at (313) 576-5111 or by visiting

Four Generations of Miles

Sonny Fortune, saxophone
Wallace Roney, trumpet
Jimmy Cobb, drums
Buster Williams, bass
Larry Willis, piano

Orchestra Hall
Feb. 4, 2011 at 8 p.m.

Miles Davis’ Work To Be Celebrated With Miami Concert

Now celebrating its Fifth Anniversary Season, the Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts of Miami-Dade County presents Jazz Roots: Celebrating Miles, part of the Larry Rosen Jazz Series in commemoration of Black History Month in February.

‘The program features an all-star lineup of jazz greats and former Miles Davis collaborators paying tribute to one of the greatest jazz innovators of our time, on February 25, 2011 at 8 p.m. in the John S. and James L. Knight Concert Hall of the Adrienne Arsht Center.

Jazz Roots: Celebrating Miles will showcase the two musical sides of this legendary artist’s work. The first half of the program features Miles Davis protégé and trumpeter extraordinaire Wallace Roney, with his sextet, featuring acclaimed bassist Ron Carter, one of the original members of the Second Great Miles Davis Quintet. This section of the program will focus on Davis’s acoustic period, featuring the music from his classic Columbia albums, Milestones, Round About Midnight, and leading up to what is arguably the most important jazz record in modern history, Kind of Blue.

The second half of the concert highlights the electric side of Miles Davis with legendary musician, producer and bass guitarist Marcus Miller, bringing his highly anticipated show, Tutu Revisited: The Music of Miles Davis, giving an inside look into the making and artistry of one of the greatest pieces of music ever produced. Joining Miller onstage for the Tutu program is Grammy-nominated, young jazz lion Christian Scott.

Tickets range from $25 to $130 and are on sale now! Tickets may be purchased through the Adrienne Arsht Center box office by calling (305) 949-6722, or online at ‘

Miles Davis Arriving In Paris

If they’d let me embed the clip I would have, but my goodness please go enjoy 41 seconds of footage from 1963 of Miles Davis arriving in Paris. Please!

VIDEO LINK: Arrivée à Paris de Miles Davis

In French: A Paris, arrivée de Miles DAVIS à la gare Saint Lazare accompagné de sa femme. A sa descente du train, il filme avec sa propre caméra tout ce qui l’entoure, avant de repartir en voiture.

In English: In Paris, the arrival of Miles Davis at the Gare Saint Lazare and his wife. In her off the train, he filmed with his own camera everything that surrounds it, then left by car.

Thank you Institut national de l’audiovisuel!

Miles Davis And Philip Seymour Hoffman And A Pool In NYC

artist.psh This is a great story from actor Philip Seymour Hoffman.

Via, here is the breakdown from Hoffman about his encounter with Miles Davis when the jazz legend was swimming in the pool where he was a lifeguard.

The actor recalls, “I was a lifeguard in my early 20s at this place, the Metropolitan Towers… in Manhattan, and no one swam at this place.

“Somebody told me that Miles Davis lived there and so Miles Davis walked in and I didn’t want to make him feel uncomfortable so I pretended I didn’t know him.

“He was wearing a Speedo (swimming trunks) with sunglasses and he had a towel and he got in the pool with his sunglasses and doggie-paddled about five laps, got out, took his sunglasses off and started talking to me because I don’t think that he knew that I knew who he was.

“For about half an hour we sat there and looked out over Manhattan; he told me buildings he owned… accidents he got into, girlfriends, everything except music… and at the end of it he said, ‘I’m Miles…’ and he walked away.”

That’s awesome. No further comment necessary.

It was announced a few days ago that Hoffman, Catherine Keener, Jeremy Northam, and Christopher Walken will star in the indie drama A Late Quartet, about “a world-renowned string quartet struggling to stay together as they mark their 25th anniversary in the face of illness, competing egos and in-suppressible lust.”

* The Life Aquatic with Miles Davis

** rest in peace