Miles Davis At The 18th Pct., 1970

I look at a lot of Miles Davis photos. There are some on the internet I have scanned hundreds of times; there’s tons of amazing photographs of the jazz legend online, but after awhile you start seeing the same images over and over.

Fans of Miles are lucky because between stock agencies like Getty Images, photo sharing portals like Flickr, web content w/ accompanying images from newspapers, blogs and magazines and just casual fan uploads, we have a wealth of pictures to sift through and enjoy.

But I often wish someone would just dump a hundred new, never-before-seen photos on the web for me to discover.

Still, every now and then a new one drops in front of me.

I stumbled across a Charles Ruppmann retrospective on the NY Daily News’ website. It’s called ’50 Years / 50 Photographs’ and chronicles, rather nicely, 50 images spanning the 50 year career of Daily News photographer Charles Ruppman.

Included in the 50 is a terrific photo of Miles Davis; the circumstances for the jazz legend were not so great at that particular time in 1970, but the photograph is awesome.

1970: Jazz trumpeter Miles Davis at the 18th Pct. Davis was arrested and booked for driving his $17,000 red Ferrari sports coupe without an inspection sticker, driver’s license and registration. He was also charged with possession of brass knuckles.

Does he not look annoyed as hell?!

Credits: Ruppmann/News


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