…And Then Miles Davis Played On That Toto Song In The ’80s

No idea! And I even like Toto.

Miles Davis really shines on this track from Toto’s “Fahrenheit” album from 1986. You can also catch Miles playing the song live on the “Complete Miles Davis At Montreux 1973-1991” box set.

I found some interesting notes about how Miles connected with the band from Toto guitarist Steve Lukather’s website. Here’s one of many (many) great comments I pulled from an interview Steve did with TheLastMiles.com about the song and the Toto/Miles Davis connection.

We had the music, so we ran it down together with him and he was kind of playing around the melody – he wasn’t really playing the melody.

So we figured, we’re not going to tell Miles Davis what to play, so we said, “Miles, we have a take of this, would you mind just giving it a listen and play whatever you want?” He says “Okay, I’ll play like that. You like that old shit right?” So he gets out the Harmon mute and he played it down – one take. We’re all stood there completely freaked out – it was unbelievable. At the end, the song just kind of fades out, but he just kept playing the blues. I was sitting there with chicken skin on my arms – it was unbelievable moment.

Here’s the LINK to the complete interview. There is some awesome commentary from Steve about meeting Miles and working with the jazz legend.


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