Miles Davis Play In The Works; Q-Tip In The Lead Role

We might be seeing ‘Miles Davis‘ onstage long before we see his story on screen.

This item actually hit the airwaves back in September, but we’re happy to dive in a few months late.

In an interview with XXL, hip-hop star/actor Q-Tip reveals that he’s working on a play with author and filmmaker Nelson George about Miles Davis.

And he’s set to play the lead role.

Are you nervous?

Nah, not really, because I relate to him. But I was a lil nervous at first.

But we’ve already done some table readings and Miles’ nephew, and some of his really close friends that he knew for many years—a girlfriend of two—and some of his old band mates have checked out the table reading like, “Oh, shit, they nailed it.” So that made it easier for me. It let me know my instincts are right.

It’s be nice to know if the play is centered on a particular event in Miles’ life, or a broader reading of his career and personal life.

Q-Tip goes on to say that the project with George looks “pretty promising,” so hopefully they can get their play on a theater stage sometime soon.

Besides the Miles Davis play, Q-Tip shows up on the latest Kanye West album, is currently wrapping up his untitled fourth studio album and working with Martin Scorsese producer Barbara De Fina on a film for his next record.

George’s next novel, a noir tale set in the world of hip hop, will be published in fall 2011.

Last year we talked about about another Miles Davis-inspired play titled Seven Days: a Fantasia on the Life of Miles Davis. The play, written by Greg Machlin, was then playing at the UI Theatre Building on the campus of Iowa University.

The play follows a seven-day stint in 1954 during which Miles Davis returns to Illinois to try to kick his heroin addiction. The narrative bounces between events leading up to his addiction and after he quits. While the events are as accurate as possible, the play is presented as ‘an imaginative examination of a musical genius.’


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