The Miles Davis Documentary Will Be Here – Soon

For a time Christopher Wilkinson and Stephen J. Rivele were the screenwriters on the Untitled Miles Davis Biopic.

Now it’s Steve Baigelman given the tall order of writing the script about the jazz legend.

I know nothing, but obviously the project has a new writer because the previous writing duo (“Ali,” “Nixon”) weren’t on the same page with the folks shepherding the biopic.

Anyway, Wilkinson is apparently still tying up loose ends on the TV project The Miles Davis Documentary, which IMDB lists for a 2011 release.

How this documentary will differ from The Miles Davis Story will be interesting. The Miles Davis Story was not bad; it blends rare interviews with Miles with opinion and memories via his family, friends and some of the fine musicians who played with him during his career.

But overall it’s not the all-embracing narrative we’d like to sink our teeth into, which would probably require four or five more hours of footage added on.

So we’ll see what Wilkinson and Co. come up with. After some very brief sleuthing on the ‘net, I did see one report that has the documentary landing at HBO, which definitely is a big plus.

The producers look to have landed a host of jazz legends and other fine, musical artists to chat about Miles Davis, but hopefully there’s some rare concert footage, or old interviews with Davis, mixed in to give the doc an extra spark. But we remain excited about the upcoming project….

Look, with no movie biopic anywhere on the horizon, The Miles Davis Documentary might be all we have to enjoy about the life and times of Miles Davis for quite awhile.

Image: Sony / Miles Davis during a recording session in April 1959


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