Miles Davis Artwork Set For London Exhibition

Miles Davis will have his last remaining 100 original drawings and oil paintings showcased at Gallery 27 in Cork Street Mayfair from December 7 to December 12.

Many of his paintings reflect his well documented fascination with and love of women, together with evocations of African tribal art.

This work, since his death, has been kept largely under wraps with little exposure for this unique collection.

The London Exhibition is being organized by The Compton Cassey Gallery and Balmain Fine Art. Half of the work contained in the forthcoming exhibition was acquired from the Art Estate of Miles Davis many years ago by Jonathan Poole, and the remainder, presented by Keith Denney, was inspired by his girlfriend, Jo Gelbard, a sculptress with whom he spent the last five years of his life.

Just by looking at a handful of the 100 original paintings and drawings it’s no denying Miles Davis was a wonderfully talented artist.


2 thoughts on “Miles Davis Artwork Set For London Exhibition”

  1. I would love to buy the album of Miles Davis’ paintings, if there is any after his exhibition in Gallery 27, please.

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