Miles Davis Featured In ‘Style of Music’ Poster Series

It’s already cool enough that EveryGuyed is presenting ‘Ensemble: The Style of Music,’ a series of posters featuring ionic outfits from 20 male musicians. Designed by Glenn Michael of Moxy Creative House, and illustrated by James Alexander, the prints are available here.

But even cooler, one of the 20 iconic musicians is – hello! – Miles Davis.

The text on the poster reads:

George Frazier of Esquire Magazine once wrote of jazz pioneer Miles Davis, “thank God for the existence of people like Miles Davis: Except, of course, that there are no people like Miles Davis. He is an original. He is a truly well-dressed man.”

As a stylistic innovator in Jazz, his ever changing styles in music were consistent with his wardrobe. Whether playing it conservative in a Brooks Brothers suit or exuding European refinement with slim cut French silhouettes, Davis always gave his distinct spin, playing up a sophistication in tune with his own signature funk.

By the 70’s both his music and style had reached an eclectic avant-garde edge. Like a true artist, Davis always strived for innovation, evolution, and relevance in everything he did.

All of the individual prints are excellent; Hendrix, Jim Morrison and Marvin Gaye are also favorites of mine. Of course, the poster that features all 20 stylish musicians is terrific.

But the Miles Davis. Wow.

Great work! Moxy Creative House’s Eyewear Made Famous series is also worth checking out.


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