The Miles Davis Movie – In Four Frames

I really like this blog — Movies In Frames. It’s basically a presentation of various films chiseled down into four frames. There are loads of great examples, covering a wide variety of movies.

The three versions for “Alien” are quite good. I also like Every Which Way But Loose and the trio created for Memento.

Now, there is no film about Miles Davis in existence at the moment, but that doesn’t mean we cannot join in with the Movies In Frames fun; there are no frames to select, but let’s focus on images and moments from Davis’ life and musical career that might appear in a biopic about Miles.

Let’s say it’s a biopic that follows the narrative of a “Ray,” which is more or less a cradle-to-grave type of biopic (even though we know full well Don Cheadle is not planning to make that type of movie).

It’s all a big, subjective game. Fun!

My four scenes would be something from Miles’ early days playing clubs in New York City (maybe with Bird), a shot with Gil Evans, something having to do with Kind of Blue and then something with his electric period.

Right there I’ve already left out ‘Birth of the Cool,’ the 2nd Great Quintet and anything post-fusion leading up to his passing.

Not easy. Well, there’s no movie to help, so maybe whenever the biopic gets released I will revisit this exercise!


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