Miles Davis Biopic Adds Kevin Navayne To Cast

I was under the impression there had not been any casting for the Miles Davis Biopic, aside from Don Cheadle playing the lead role.

After a random search for anything new on the project, I discovered that relative newcomer Kevin Navayne is listed as the actor who will play Marcus Miller, the bassist/producer who worked with Miles from 1985 until the jazz legend’s death in 1991.

That Marcus Miller is being portrayed in the film tells us the latter part of Miles’ life/career is in play for the film’s narrative, which Cheadle has said numerous times will not follow the Hollywood blueprint (like “Ray”), but rather something a bit more avant-garde.

It seems random to already have an actor on board to play Marcus Miller, certainly an important figure in the final chapter of Davis’ life, but it could be that ‘late ’80s Miles’ is going to be a key element to the overall story; maybe they’ve set up the biopic to be a series of flashbacks to famous/important moments in the trumpeter’s life-career.

Or not.


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