The Genius of Miles Davis Gets A Price Cut, Still Expensive No Matter How Awesome

The Genius of Miles Davis is big, bold and jazz nirvana for Miles Davis fans; 43 discs scattered across eight box sets packaged in an individually-numbered, full-size trumpet case.

It’s also expensive. Well, slightly less expensive now that Sony/Legacy has reduced the price from $1199.00 to $749.00.

It seems the folks at Legacy Recordings were getting feedback from Miles Davis fans about the pricing for the monstrous box set. Not sure how many comments they fielded about the expensive, 21-pound trumpet case that houses all the discs and assorted MD goodies, but something made the company put the scissors to the price tag.

But is $749.00 still too high? Or is that what you should expect to pay for such a lavish collection of music? No one expects to get their hands on such an impressive box set for 200 bucks, but you’d have to think that, aside from those who are wealthy and dropping 800 dollars on a box set is no big deal, acquiring The Genius of Miles Davis is simply too much of an investment for either the ‘average’ Miles Davis fan, or hardcore aficionado.

It’s a magnificent beast of a box set, but even for this super fan it might just have to be something I admire from afar — unless a friend gets one, and I will totally borrow the hell out of it!


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