Five Guys Hoping To Not Screw Up Movie About The Life Of Miles Davis Pose For A Nice Photo Together

That other Miles Davis website has posted something of interest. It’s nothing to stop-the-presses, but it’s something. They’ve posted a group photo of Erin Davis, Steve Baigelman (screenwriter for Miles Davis Biopic), Don Cheadle, Darryl Porter, Vince Wilburn Jr. and the very expensive Genius of Miles Davis Limited-Edition Trumpet Case Box Set, which is not even available until September 14th (!!).

So I am thinking either the writer or Cheadle stopped by (this cannot be Don Cheadle’s home, I have to believe) to pick up his mammoth Trumpet Case Box Set.

And hey, maybe the guys chatted about the Miles Davis Biopic, currently scheduled ever-so lovingly for a 2013 release. Maybe Don said he’s playing with the idea thinking of structuring the biopic from the end first and working his way to the beginning, Memento style. Could be he’s thinking 2015 just feels like a better year for releasing a movie about Miles Davis. Or, he just wants his damn Limited-Edition Trumpet Case Box Set!

I’m not exactly sure whose apartment/office it is, but maybe CD storage needs to be penciled in on the to-do list.

I rarely, if ever, link to anything from the other Miles Davis website, but I’m digging the photo, and here’s a link to the post where the photograph looks much much better. I would absolutely credit the person who shot the photo, but there’s no credit posted.


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