And Your Favorite Miles Davis Album Cover Is?

* 69 Miles Davis album covers for your viewing pleasure. I might have missed an album here or there. And I did list two versions of the Miles Ahead album cover.


10 thoughts on “And Your Favorite Miles Davis Album Cover Is?”

  1. I’d have to say Porgy and Bess and The Essential Miles Davis. I love the intimacy of Porgy and Bess, I think that album cover fits the actual album the best out of anyone. And The Essential Miles Davis is classic Miles 101…he’s just too cool for anyone, love it.

  2. ‘Round about midnight

    It’s pitch perfect. It’s late. He’s impeccably dressed. He’s just played a killer set. You’re about to ask him a question, but you decide not to. You retreat to your table. He gets up, strolls back to stage. Snaps his fingers. Chambers begins a bass line…

  3. My Funny Valentine. This was perhaps the height of his gentleman period; he definitely was one. Buffed nails, processed (hair), graceful, cold, expensive.

  4. The “Bitches Brew” cover (including inside photography) has to be the winner of any serious MD cover contest. It’s one of those all-time great LP covers from the era of great LP covers (Sgt Pepper, Wheels of Fire, etc.)
    “Tutu”‘s is simply excellent.
    “E.S.P.”‘s and “Milestones”‘s are particularly nice.

  5. Miles Ahead, I find this image very interesting , Mainly because of the print on her top, I’v tried to track the image on her top down with no luck, if anyone knows or have seen please tell me, I can’t work out if it is someone casting a net, Or the sail has been designed to look like a net, it also remind me of American Indian head dress, I would really really like to get this image please

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