The Miles Davis Movie: Let’s Check The Virtual Stock Market

Having spent an enjoyable 2+ years at way back in the halcyon days of the tech boom, I know my way around a virtual trading floor.

So I ventured over to the Hollywood Stock Exchange to see how the stock for the Miles Davis Biopic has been performing – even if we are a few more years (hopefully) from release.

As of Wednesday morning (9-29), ticker symbol MILES was trading at H$0.96.

The high this month was H$1.22. The stock had reached a whopping H$15.65 awhile back, but without much heat circling the project these days, no big surprise the stock is trading down.

For the record, I purchased 25,000 shares of MovieStock for the Miles Davis Biopic. Then I switched gears and bought a H$1000 worth of Don Cheadle StarBonds.

I’m no financial mastermind, but I think the Miles Davis Biopic is seriously undervalued at this point. I say jump in now and secure your position. This is the Google of the movie stocks, I know it… !

And if I may be so bold as to slightly tweak one of the many famous lines of dialogue from the wonderful film “Wall Street” –

“Blue horseshoe loves… Miles Davis Biopic.”


Miles Davis Died On This Day In 1991

Jazz trumpeter Miles Davis dies in Santa Monica, California, at age 65. The son of a St. Louis dentist, Davis began playing trumpet at age 13 and was playing with local jazz bands by his late teens. He moved to New York to study at Julliard and became roommates with saxophone great Charlie Parker. Davis struggled with heroin addiction but kicked the habit by 1954, the year he began releasing successful singles, including “Blue ‘n’ Boogie” and “Walkin’.”

He assembled a jazz group called the Miles Davis Quintet, which became enormously popular, releasing classic albums like Round Midnight (1956). In the 1960s, Davis became interested in rock and began fusing jazz and rock to create an innovative sound. His 1968 album Bitches Brew was a major hit. Davis continued to produce popular recordings until his 60s. He died of pneumonia and other ailments.

Miles Davis Biopic Rolls On, Likely Headed For An Art House Theatre Near You

I hate to sound like I am raining on the creative parade, but what is so darn wrong about a Miles Davis Biopic just ‘being about Miles?’

Don Cheadle recently spoke with about the project:

“Biopics are concerned with cradle to the grave depictions of a subject and character. This movie is much more expressive. And in my opinion, we’re hopefully making a movie that Miles would want to be in as opposed to it just ‘being about Miles.'”

I have no problem whatsoever with a cradle-to-the-grave movie. Is it going to redefine cinema as we know it? Nope. But if we are only to be left with a very entertaining movie about an iconic jazz musician then what is wrong with that?

And why does it need to be a movie that Miles would want to be in? Like as an extra? What does that mean?

But here’s Cheadle quote about the biopic I really like:

“It’s all about his life but its not specific facts, those are irrelevant.”

I’d love to know what ‘specific facts’ about Miles Davis Cheadle considers irrelevant. Sure, we don’t need to know the name of Davis’ dentist, or what flavor ice cream he preferred. I can see how those types of facts might be considered irrelevant to the story. But I get the feeling the biopic is veering closer to “I’m Not There” territory, rather than something like “Ray.”

I love an art-house style biopic like “Basquiat” as much as anyone, but I believe the Miles Davis Biopic needs/demands a larger canvas to tell the story – and tell it right.

In the end, economics might provide the final decision on how the biopic is produced. The project team is in the process of securing financing, which is a hopeful sign, especially when earlier this year Cheadle blamed former President Bush and the global economic meltdown in general for the slow development of the biopic and movies in general.

Thankfully it looks as though Cheadle and the Miles Davis Estate are pushing ahead with the project.

I just pray the end-result is not too artistic for its own good.

Miles Davis was complex, but that doesn’t mean a biopic about his life has to be.

And Then Miles Davis And John Lennon Started Playing Basketball….

There’s this most excellent footage floating around the ‘net of a John Lennon / Yoko Ono party from 1972 that features Andy Warhol, Phil Spector and Miles Davis. The 16mm color film was shot by filmmaker Jonas Mekas (the date was specifically October 9, 1972).

Great. Party footage. Looks like they had fun. Good for them. But what makes this unearthed party film so extra special is that it features Miles Davis and John Lennon shooting hoops.

Miles shows up around the 3:00 minute mark (with a very attractive female companion). The quick game of shoot-around starts around 5:00.

It’s so surreal, yet completely awesome. This is why YouTube is amazing. I just watched John Lennon and Miles Davis shooting hoops together.

h/t the stranger and @lightintheattic

Talking Jazz With Miles Davis presents: Talking Jazz with Ben Sidran / Episode 1: Miles Davis

Click the link: INTERVIEW

Go. Listen. Now.

Some back-story from about the Miles Davis interview:

Back in the mid-80’s on National Public Radio (NPR) in America, a show ran called Sidran On Record. Presented by Ben Sidran, a musician, author, lecturer and journalist, the show featured interviews with the great and the good from the world of Jazz. Miles, Dizzy, Herbie and Grover were amongst 60 interviews that ran over the course of 5 years. Many of the legends featured are sadly no longer with us, but the recordings are, and several years back Ben released these as part of a wonderful, 24 CD box set called Talking Jazz – bringing to life a golden period of entertainment and understanding as we learn about the masters, their thoughts and their works. Whilst this may seem like an advert for this prestigious box set, it isn’t really. Promise. We’ve been in touch with Ben and asked for his permission to use these interviews and create our own shows based on his works. Ben gave it two thumbs up and we’re delighted to present to you the premiere Talking Jazz with Ben Sidran, our most ambitious project to date.

Episode One focuses on Miles Davis in possibly his most revealing and opinionated interview. The language is strong in parts, but we’ve left the original dialogue absolutely as is, so as to paint the complete picture. It makes for truly compelling listening, but it’s content we’d prefer to let you discover rather than us spoil what is an extraordinary 58 minutes and 42 seconds broadcast. We really hope you enjoy, so please, tell us your thoughts and your friends as well!

New Miles Davis Photo Series Gets Underway

The Gunslinger Guide to Miles Davis from Tom Sutpen is shaping up to be a fantastic series. The first photo in the series is one of my favorites.

And Your Favorite Miles Davis Album Cover Is?

CLICK HERE to check out 69 Miles Davis album covers for your viewing pleasure. I might have missed an album here or there. And I did list two versions of the Miles Ahead album cover.

Five Guys Hoping To Not Screw Up Movie About The Life Of Miles Davis Pose For A Nice Photo Together

That other Miles Davis website has posted something of interest. It’s nothing to stop-the-presses, but it’s something. They’ve posted a group photo of Erin Davis, Steve Baigelman (screenwriter for Miles Davis Biopic), Don Cheadle, Darryl Porter, Vince Wilburn Jr. and the very expensive Genius of Miles Davis Limited-Edition Trumpet Case Box Set, which is not even available until September 14th (!!).

So I am thinking either the writer or Cheadle stopped by (this cannot be Don Cheadle’s home, I have to believe) to pick up his mammoth Trumpet Case Box Set.

And hey, maybe the guys chatted about the Miles Davis Biopic, currently scheduled ever-so lovingly for a 2013 release. Maybe Don said he’s playing with the idea thinking of structuring the biopic from the end first and working his way to the beginning, Memento style. Could be he’s thinking 2015 just feels like a better year for releasing a movie about Miles Davis. Or, he just wants his damn Limited-Edition Trumpet Case Box Set!

I’m not exactly sure whose apartment/office it is, but maybe CD storage needs to be penciled in on the to-do list.

I rarely, if ever, link to anything from the other Miles Davis website, but I’m digging the photo, and here’s a link to the post where the photograph looks much much better. I would absolutely credit the person who shot the photo, but there’s no credit posted.

And Your Favorite Miles Davis Album Cover Is?

* 69 Miles Davis album covers for your viewing pleasure. I might have missed an album here or there. And I did list two versions of the Miles Ahead album cover.

Miles Davis: Love Me Or Leave Me

Miles Davis All Stars
“Love Me Or Leave Me”
Walkin’, 1954

“Love Me Or Leave Me”

  • Miles Davis – Trumpet
  • Lucky Thompson – Tenor saxophone
  • J. J. Johnson – Trombone
  • David Schildkraut – Alto saxophone
  • Horace Silver – Piano
  • Percy Heath – Bass
  • Kenny Clarke – drums

Hey, What’s Don Cheadle Doing?*

don-style “Don Cheadle has long made his desire to play jazz legend Miles Davis known. Now that his dream is becoming a reality, the talented actor is getting very close to the role. Cheadle looked dapper and in charge at an event for the 40th anniversary of Davis’ “Bitches Brew” at the Grammy Museum in Los Angeles yesterday.”


* when he’s not working on the Miles Davis Biopic

Talkin’ Miles: Bitches Brew, Concert Footage & A New Logo

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– The man who wasn’t there: A new reissue of Miles Davis’s Bitches Brew remains as vital today as it was 40 years ago – the sound of an artist shaking off one skin and growing into another, John Robinson writes.

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– Perhaps you’ve already noticed, but we unveiled a new logo for Miles Davis Online. We have a lot of cool stuff on deck, so we thought a new, cool logo was in order. Thanks Mike!

Sad Things: Justin Bieber Biopic To Arrive Before Miles Davis Biopic

It’s really quite sad, this Top 10 Artists That Deserve To Have A Biopic Before Bieber post I caught over at BuzzFeed. My neighbor deserves to have a biopic before the Bieber, for heaven’s sake!