Jimmy Cobb and the Kind of Blue Sessions

It’s eerily appropriate, in a way — Jimmy Cobb is the only musician missing from the photos of the famous “Kind of Blue” recording sessions that decorate his bedroom.

He’s also the last one still living, a fact he’s reminded of every day he awakens and sees his old friends staring back at him — jazz legends John Coltrane and Cannonball Adderley, Bill Evans and Wynton Kelly, Paul Chambers and the man himself, Miles Davis. The pictures are a reminder to Cobb, the drummer for Davis’ band during those landmark years — of his own mortality, and of the time he spent helping to shape what many music historians call the greatest jazz album ever made.

Jimmy Cobb:

“Most everybody who went through that band wind up trying to dress like Miles, act like him, all kinds of stuff like that — and I guess I was probably the same way too. We tried to be as hip as he was, because at that time, he was the leading jazz man in the world, and a lot of guys waited to see what he would do to see where the music was going. I just liked being around him.”

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