Miles Davis Posters Get The Saul Bass Treatment

Wow. These two posters from graphic design artist Loic Romer are terrific. I stumbled across his work recently on Flickr and had to ask Romer about the posters, which are a wonderful homage to the great Saul Bass, as well as Miles Davis.

“I had to promote an event in Montreal,” says Romer, “and since Montreal has a big jazz and blues scene I decided to promote the Miles Davis exhibition.”

Aside from the two posters, Romer, who is a fan of Miles Davis, features a variety of exciting photography and design work; definitely worth a look. But the Miles Davis expo posters really caught my attention, obviously, and the design nod to Saul Bass is spot on.

“These posters are almost the same as two of Saul Bass posters, Vertigo and The Man With the Golden Arm,” says Romer. “I decided to do these posters as an homage to Saul Bass because he is a designer that I really respect.”

Romer added that the Miles Davis poster duo is the first time he’s taken inspiration from Bass’ art, to experiment with his style. Let’s hope he

Loic Romer’s photostream
Artwork is © Loic Romer


4 thoughts on “Miles Davis Posters Get The Saul Bass Treatment”

  1. My sons name is Miles and I am a big fan of Miles Davis. Where can I buy these two very nice posters? They will be very cool in his room.

    Thank you.

    Jan Peter

  2. I also am a fan of Saul Bass and Miles Davis. I love the posters, where can I get them? And how much are they?

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