Here’s Hoping New Season Of Mad Men Features A Miles Davis Song (Or Two)

The award-winning Mad Men returns for its fourth season Jul. 25. There’s even a very nice season 4 promo poster (above) making the rounds today.

As we excitedly prepare for the return of Mad Men, we wonder: will the music of Miles Davis be making an appearance at some point during the new season?

When we left off from the season 3 finale it was December 16, 1963. No word yet if season 4 picks up the very next day, or pushes ahead two years later as they did from season one to season two.

Season one (set in 1960) featured two Miles Davis tracks: In Episode 5 (5G) we hear “Blue in Green,” and Episode 8 (The Hobo Code) is highlighted by “Concierto De Aranjuez (Adagio).”

I believe Episode 8 (Souvenir) from this past season also featured a Miles Davis tune. It’s 1963 and that means there are plenty of Davis albums Pete could be listening to, notably Kind of Blue, Miles Ahead and Sketches of Spain.

If they were to jump ahead two years to 1965 for season four, then we’re looking at E.S.P., which means the Second Great Quintet was beginning what would be a remarkable run of brilliant music. I can see “Agitation” working somewhere along the narrative if they bumped the storyline into ’65.

I have already plead my case for show creator Matthew Weiner to actually write Miles Davis into the show for an episode.

The scene: Miles Davis strolls into a bar with a few friends one evening – only to encounter Don Draper. They end up talking about life and love, and then Miles imparts some heavy advice, which helps Don in whatever personal disarray he’s likely to be in.

That’s TV gold, people!

We’re totally jazzed about the new season of Mad Men, and here’s hoping we’ll hear some classic, Miles Davis tunes follow Don Draper, Roger Sterling, Pete Campbell, Peggy Olson and the rest of the gang on their very stylish adventures.


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