Traveling Miles With Cassandra Wilson

I’ve been an admirer of jazz vocalist Cassandra Wilson ever since I picked up Traveling Miles, her lovely (quasi) tribute to jazz legend Miles Davis. Not a perfect album, but tracks like “Run the Voodoo Down,” “Seven Steps to Heaven” and “When the Sun Goes Down” keep me coming back for more. The album also contains perhaps the finest version of “Time after Time.”

If you haven’t cued up Traveling Miles lately, please do so. Hers is a beautiful voice that demands a listen now and then.

Traveling Miles / Track Listings:

01. Run the Voodoo Down
02. Traveling Miles
03. Right Here, Right Now
04. Time After Time
05. When the Sun Goes Down
06. Seven Steps
07. Some Day My Prince Will Come
08. Never Broken (ESP)
09. Resurrection Blues (Tutu)
10. Sky and Sea (Blue in Green)
11. Piper
12. Voodoo Reprise


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