A Miles Davis iPhone App Would Be Nice

I’m just saying. It’s not really that big of deal. But a simple App with music, video, news and photos might be nice. Make some of the music never-before-heard tracks, or rare, live recordings, and it instantly becomes more valuable, much more necessary to the fans. Add some exclusive photos from the vaults. Perhaps concert footage. And so on….

I have no idea how much demand there might be for such an App, but I believe one should be available.

I read on St. Louis Jazz Notes that guitarist John McLaughlin has an official iPhone App. And it looks good – everything a fan of his would want in an App.

So that’s it. There should be a Miles Davis iPhone App. Make one for the iPad too while you’re at it.


3 thoughts on “A Miles Davis iPhone App Would Be Nice”

  1. Wolfgang’s Vault has a free iphone app that contains Miles Davis concerts. You should check it out, if not just for Miles, for the thousands of concerts that are also available to listen to from the late ’50s to today!

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