The Miles Davis Online Interview: Lindonês Silveira

(Artist Series, Volume 12)

As of a few days ago I am a new fan of artist Lindonês Silveira. I stumbled onto a terrific Miles Davis painting and consequently spent the next few hours pouring over his art galleries. The Blues Jazz collection stands out as a favorite, but his sets on women, urban scenes and abstract art are also worth a look.

But the ‘Blues Jazz’ artwork really caught my attention; conceptual performance scenes dressed up beautifully in lush colors, or alluring black and white. Quite compelling artwork all the way around. Following my descent into Lindonês’ art, the artist was kind enough to chat with me for a few minutes about his work and jazz legend Miles Davis.

Miles Davis Online: What was the inspiration behind the Miles Davis artwork?
Lindonês Silveira: I read a biography of him, and I became an admirer of his work and passion with which he conducted his art. That energy and passion is contagious as I’m painting and listening to his songs.

Miles Davis Online: How did you create this particular image?
LS: It was easy to paint. I really wanted the image to be easily identifiable… and that position has been photographed countless times. I used acrylic paint on canvas.

Miles Davis Online: Will you create more Miles Davis artwork in the future?
LS: I believe so. The music for me has always been very inspiring. Today I work in a series, “JAZZ BLUES,” and certainly it will be Miles Davis.

Miles Davis Online: What are you working on now?
LS: I continue working with the Blues Jazz theme, but now starting to add color because the series was started with black and white.

Miles Davis Online: And – of course – what is your favorite Miles Davis album?
LS: I don’t have just one favorite album, but I really like “Kind of Blue and “In A Silent Way.”

You can find more artwork from Lindonês Silveira on Flickr and his website.
Artwork is © Lindonês Silveira


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