A Miles Davis Typeface

Xavier Encinas, over at the always enjoyable Swiss Legacy blog, directs us to Paris-based design studio WA75’s excellent typeface called Miles Grotesk. The graphic design was created for the recent We Want Miles exhibition presented at the Cité de la Musique, which was open from October 2009 to January 2010. The exhibit has since moved on to Montreal.

Via WA75:

The Miles Grotesk was developed as a character titling the exhibition “We Want Miles.” The idea was to start with an archetype (a condensed grostesk typical disc covers the label Blue Note) and to make a field experiment.”

The first step was a breakdown of the original characters by performing geometric modules (wooden and linoleum) and then recombine them to arrive at new forms. Of these forms have been produced character titling sections of the exhibition as well as forms that punctuate the route (signs, Point of listening). Upon completion of this character titling a wiser option was created for media schedules requiring a better readability (cartels, video screens, etc.).

The graphic design was done in collaboration with the set design agency projectiles. This project resulted in the creation of a typeface: the Miles Grotesk in two versions: for assays of sections of the exhibition and the rest of the media. The development of character assay also served as conductor lines for the rest of the graphic design, especially for terminals listening and drawing auditoriums.

WA75 > We Want Miles.


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