The Miles Davis Movie: Miles Davis Biopic Release Date Pushed From 2011 To 2013

At some point in the last few weeks the release date/year for the Untitled Miles Davis Biopic listing on IMDB was switched from 2011 to 2013. I kicked off the Miles Davis Movie blog back in June 2008, so clearly I was just a touch early to the party. But in reality I could have started the blog even years earlier because this film project about the life of Miles Davis has been bouncing around in one form or another for years and years.

Don Cheadle is certainly not in any rush to hammer this film to completion, especially when he has movies like The Avengers, among other projects, already on his calendar.

These release dates are usually pretty fluid, so I wouldn’t be surprised if the release year was pushed to 2014 – or BEYOND! I just cannot envision the production happening sooner. Cheadle has already lamented the lack of funds for such a film (this ain’t Iron Man, baby!), so it would take quite a jolt to get this project through the development maze and in front of cameras. I’m already on record as saying that if Cheadle is fearful the project will ‘end up on the studios’ scrapheap,’ then perhaps another team should pick up the baton and see if they can get the movie produced. Of late, the talented actor has reiterated his desire to play the jazz legend and get the movie made, so it looks like full speed ahead – except that the speed appears to be like 5 mph.

That there’s even an IMDB page with a release date is cause for a party considering this movie project has traveled so far and touched so many hands. I figure it will get done one day. Having just watched the new Doors doc When You’re Strange, I started to think perhaps a first-class, blow-out the budget documentary on the life of Miles Davis might be the better way to go, but there is just something about a feature film that ‘feels’ like it could be a very special motion picture experience.

But we’ll see. In 2013. Or whenever.


2 thoughts on “The Miles Davis Movie: Miles Davis Biopic Release Date Pushed From 2011 To 2013”

  1. Well I’m sooooooo looking forward to this movie. I saw Don on Leno and of course no mention of Miles. But that’s ok, many biopic’s are in the planning or filming stages. Richard Pryor, Marvin Gaye, and I’m all for a Lena Horne biopic. Watch the actress transform from her 20’s to her 80’s. And there is hope for jazz after seeing ‘Just Wright.’

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