We Want Miles: Miles Davis vs. Jazz

“Piecing together photographs, handwritten scores and biographical musings, We Want Miles (Rizzoli) breaks down the essence of the jazz supremo Miles Davis by charting the seven most important phases in his life. As trite and cliche as it might sounds, Davis was the definition of cool as we know it, and taking a turn through the pages of this book gives you an overview of that coolness from beginning to end. It starts with infant pics of young Miles in his Sunday best—suited, booted and cheesing from ear to ear outside his home in East St Louis, Illinois.

“Even before he was a star, Davis had an elegance that always looked easy and would flaunt polka dot ties, herringbone three-pieces or a plain old leisure shirt with the same sense of subtle glamour. In his darker days, he was known to have pawned his own trumpet to feed his drug habit—sometimes showing up to studio sessions without an instrument—but the spiffy well-groomed veneer was always intact.” – story by Alex Frank


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