Miles Davis Online Turns One Year Old!


Happy Birthday!

Miles Davis Online is one year old. First and foremost I want to thank all of you loyal readers who have made this Miles Davis blog what it is.

I had already been writing the Miles Davis Movie blog to chronicle the ongoing process of the Miles Davis Biopic.

But then I decided I wanted to produce a website devoted to All Things Miles Davis.

There had been two ‘official’ locations for Miles Davis – one from the Miles Davis estate, and one from Sony Legacy -, but neither was/is very good. The estate website has since shuttered, halting any plans for producing their own content for a Miles Davis website. They decided to make life easier by allowing the gang at Sony Legacy to handle any web business; whatever news and updates from the estate can just go directly to (now using the estate’s address).

There is a just-announced partnership between the Miles Davis Estate and Sony Music for a new official website, but I am reserving judgement until I see just how far they are willing to go to make the website truly shine.

Without going into a long dissertation, let’s just say I had big plans/ideas/hopes for the official Miles Davis website. But it’s not to be, so here we are with Miles Davis Online.

Look at – a fantastic example of official website greatness, and where I want to take Miles Davis Online. What I lack in access to the vaults of priceless photos, unreleased music and memorabilia, I more than make up for with passion and energy, plus the desire to curate a daily conversation about Miles Davis and appreciation of a remarkable career. Like I said, when I started this project, more than anything I want Miles Davis Online to be entertaining, interesting and function as a central axis for fans of Miles Davis.

For the past year it has been an absolute delight producing this blog. And I want to say thanks to everyone who has stopped by the blog and Facebook page to check things out. I really appreciate all the comments, tips and suggestions.

Miles Davis Online might not be the ‘Official’ Miles Davis website because of legal mumbo jumbo, but it sure as hell is going to be the ‘Best.’ We have a lot of fun and interesting features on deck in the coming months, so for sure the best is yet to come.


– Jeff


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