Celebrate Miles Davis’ 84th Birthday With New Box Set and CD/DVD Releases


Click here for the details.

There’s also news of a “unique partnership/collaborative effort between the Miles Davis Estate and Sony Music,” which is featuring a brand new official Miles Davis website.

Game on! Look, the estate and Sony has so much material, I hope hope hope they throw all kinds of excellent content online – that way we all win! We shall see how regularly updated the website gets, but for now it’s a nice step up from the estate’s original web address. Still, the ‘official’ Miles Davis site has a long way to go to match sinatra.com for sheer heft. And do not sleep on Miles Davis ONLINE! The official ‘unofficial’ website for All Things Miles Davis.

+ In September, The Genius of Miles Davis will be unveiled. A limited-edition box set designed as an actual trumpet case, the case will house the eight deluxe multi-CD box sets that are the crown jewels in the Miles Davis Series’ 15-year history. The distinctive gilt-edged metal spines and the lavish packaging of those eight box sets have placed them in a class by themselves:

•Miles Davis & Gil Evans: The Complete Columbia Studio Recordings
•Miles Davis Quintet 1965-’68: The Complete Columbia Studio Recordings
•The Complete Bitches Brew Sessions
•Miles Davis & John Coltrane: The Complete Columbia Recordings 1955-1961
•The Complete In A Silent Way Sessions
•The Complete Jack Johnson Sessions
•Seven Steps: The Complete Columbia Recordings Of Miles Davis 1963-1964
•The Complete On The Corner Sessions

The eight heavyweight box sets – with a cumulative total of 43 CDS and eight Grammy Awards between them – will now be gathered in their original metal spine editions (except for The Complete In A Silent Way Sessions, which did not originally appear with a metal spine) in the 21-pound collection known as The Genius of Miles Davis. The trumpet case will contain a number of additional items, including an exact replica of the “Gustat” Heim 2 model mouthpiece used by Miles; a previously unavailable fine art lithograph chosen by the Miles Davis Estate; and a boutique-quality t-shirt manufactured exclusively for this package by Trunk Ltd.

+ Starting on Miles’ birthday, The Genius of Miles Davis will be available for pre-order at MilesDavis.com.

+ In November, Miles’ 1959 classic Kind of Blue album will be released in two separate vinyl configurations. Collectors will be able to choose between a standard 180 gram vinyl single LP, or a 2-LP 180 gram set cut at 45 RPM.


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