Miles Davis Photo Inspires Wayne Coyne of Flaming Lips

pp30367miles-davis-posters “It’s just a strange image. There’s something about the dignity of being civilized and wearing this suit, and the stark contrast of the brutality and the blood,” Wayne Coyne says of the picture that inspires his nightly wardrobe.

The 49-year-old front man of The Flaming Lips is speaking of a fairly famous image of jazz trumpeter Miles Davis after resisting police arrest. Davis was decked out in a yellow suit, which interestingly enough was the only reason you could know that he was bleeding.

“Since his hair is black and he is of dark complexion, you can’t really tell that he has got blood on him, except that he wears this light-colored suit that’s spattered with the blood,” Coyne remarks. While the singer says that he is in no way trying to imitate Miles Davis, he certainly seems fascinated by this image. Enough so that it has prompted him to wear a white suit and cover himself in blood regularly during performances.

via Wayne Coyne and the forever-changing Flaming Lips

I believe this is the photo – but I could be wrong.


1 thought on “Miles Davis Photo Inspires Wayne Coyne of Flaming Lips”

  1. Two of my idols intersecting in an pivotal fassion per usual. Instantaneously striking a visceral and emotional cord within me. An concurrence of my youth being shaped by both Wayne and Miles with and by their musical fingerprints in a very pivotal stage of my development

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