Miles Davis Search Update or; Why Miles Davis Online Is Really The Only Place For All Things Miles Davis


We here at Miles Davis Online like to think of ourselves as the Official Miles Davis Website, even if it’s unofficial. And unofficial only because Miles Davis Properties owns the choice domain; I am sure you’ve seen it considering it comes up atop a Google search for Miles Davis. I won’t get into the numerous flaws that have kept the site from becoming a dynamic hub for everything Miles Davis, but needless to say it’s not great.

In a search for Miles Davis you might have also noticed a second ‘official’ website –; this one via Sony Legacy, who possess numerous Miles Davis albums in their catalog. This ‘official’ website is far better than the one from Miles Davis Properties, but still nowhere near the excellence achieved by the likes of and — two, stunning examples of Official Website greatness.

So… this evening when I popped over to official website #1 (, guess what happened? It re-directed me to official website #2 ( Okay, it’s not like discovering five, undiscovered tracks from the Kind of Blue sessions, but this is interesting news, to me at least – Mr. Unofficial/Official Miles Davis Website.

Without knowing a single thing about the business side of things at Miles Davis Properties, or Sony Legacy, where it relates to the business of Miles Davis, I have a feeling the estate shelved any plans for producing their own content for their Miles Davis website and decided to make life easier by allowing the gang at Sony Legacy to handle any web business; whatever news and updates from the estate can just go directly to (still listed as an ‘official’ website) and that’s that. But I could be totally wrong.

The whole thing saddens me because whether it’s one, two or 27 Official Miles Davis websites, right this second not one is outstanding. And I firmly believe that any ‘official’ website for Miles Davis should be an outstanding and enjoyable place to discover and experience every possible aspect of Miles Davis.

“…an outstanding and enjoyable place to discover and experience every possible aspect of Miles Davis.”

That pretty much sums up the reason why I started Miles Davis Online, and why I am so excited for the future of this blog/website.

What I lack in access to the vaults of priceless photos, music and memorabilia, I more than make up for with passion and energy, a happy desire to curate a daily conversation about Miles Davis and appreciation of a remarkable career. Like I said when I started this project, more than anything I want Miles Davis Online to be entertaining, interesting and function as a central hub for fans of Miles Davis.

We’re coming up on one year, and so far it has been an absolute delight producing this blog. The best is yet to come…

Miles Davis Online might not be the ‘Official’ Miles Davis website, but it sure as hell is going to be the ‘Best.’


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