The Miles Davis Movie: Don Cheadle: “I’m trying to make a movie that Miles Davis would want to make.”

FRANCE DON CHEADLE That’s a quote from a Don Cheadle interview with Vibe.

I’m not sure anyone knows what kind of movie Miles Davis would want produced about his life. Maybe he would want the “Ray,” Hollywood blueprint treatment. Then again perhaps this idea of a deconstructed biopic would be more to his liking.

Cheadle: “We are coming right up on the end point. I think we are getting to the point where we may get some traction and get it going.”

I have no idea what type of traction he means. Financial, perhaps? Is it a money thing? I always figured, besides economic issues, the biggest roadblock to making the movie was Cheadle’s project schedule – the actor has some big roles on deck.

Cheadle goes on to say: “Miles Davis is a beloved artist, but not to the degree that a 17-year old would know who he is. Unfortunately, people don’t know the seeds. In my attempt to tell the story, I’m not trying to do some reverential all-of-us-bow-down-to-Miles-the-icon. I’m trying to present him as a man.”

Well that’s the big trick apparently – try to create a film that shuns the typical, Hollywood biopic narrative, but also attract a ‘not in the know’ audience with a film blueprint such an audience might generally not spark to. I think there will be a nice media wave that sweeps in tons of new/renewed Miles Davis interest that will help sell the movie. I agree that Cheadle should avoid a bow-down type movie, that was never going to be a good idea, but there is a way to show the good and bad in a manner that pleases all parties.

We’ll see. Honestly, just that Cheadle is discussing the biopic is music to my ears.


1 thought on “The Miles Davis Movie: Don Cheadle: “I’m trying to make a movie that Miles Davis would want to make.””

  1. “I’m trying to make a movie that Miles Davis would want to make.”
    To which I ask, which Miles?
    This is the essential proble. The multi-faceted Miles changed himself so many times there is no actor chameleon enuff to catch this mercurial figure.
    Then there’s the music.
    That could obfuscaate even more but it would be fun.
    Then there’s the voice.
    Easier to catch a whirlwind and aim lightning.
    But we gotta try

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