Miles Davis… Online


# If you’re in Austin, Texas for SXSW be sure to swing by the Miles Davis – Bitches Brew 40th Anniversary Tribute panel. Ashley Kahn, Steve Berkowitz, Erin Davis, Lenny White and Vincent Wilburn Jr. will be on hand to discuss the landmark album. The panel is Thursday, March 18 from 2pm-3pm.

# I have my concerns about GQ, but they do have moments when they get it right: Birth of the Cool: 20 Black Style Pioneers. Curated by the talented Street Etiquette team (Joshua “JKISSI” Kissi and Travis “Trav” Gumbs), it’s a nice list with some beautiful photographs. Here is the Miles Davis entry.

# Has anyone purchased the Monster Miles Davis Tribute Jazz Headphones? If so, should I get myself a set?

# In the Philadelphia native’s long-awaited autobiography, I Walked With Giants, Jimmy Heath recalls being omitted from the credits of a Miles Davis album released in the early 1950s. “This seems to have been a recurring theme in my career,” he writes, ” ‘little guy passed by.’ ” — Time he blew his own horn

# Miles Davis with Father On The Way to Juilliard – Ebony Magazine, November, 1959 / great PHOTO

# Nice AAJ article about the “We Want Miles” Miles Davis Exhibition in Montreal, which runs between April 30 – August 29, 2010.

# Miles Davis clocks in at number 4 on the Listverse 15 Most Influential Jazz Artists list. No complaints here.


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