The Miles Davis Movie: Don Cheadle Speaks; Blames Slow Development Of Biopic On Global Economic Meltdown


Cheadle Hopes Miles Davis Movie Will Be Resurrected

Cheadle was cast in a biopic of Miles Davis, but the movie was shelved when Hollywood got caught up in the global economic crises. Nearly two years on, the actor hopes the project will finally get the green light, but he’s still fearful it’ll end up on the studios’ scrapheap.

Cheadle tells WENN: “Touch wood, it’s been a long time coming. Working on the script right now and hopefully it will find a home. It’s tough getting movies made right now because President Bush broke the world and the money’s done! Nobody has dough. Studios are corporations and it’s a very corporate model now.” (link)

Click here to actually hear Cheadle lay the blame for the biopic’s woes.

I’ll be honest, I never thought President Bush would be the big hurdle towards making a movie about Miles Davis. I find that statement to be mostly ridiculous. I get that the world is in economic chaos, but I don’t see how the former president should be that much of a roadblock in making the biopic.

I guess the economic climate is fine for mega-Hollywood productions like Iron Man and The Avengers but somehow a biopic about Miles Davis is at the mercy of an unstable global economy. I’m confused.

The good news is that project is ongoing, but seemingly buried beneath a stack of other Don Cheadle movie projects that are weathering this tough economic climate. I noticed the current president avoided any of Cheadle’s blame, though it doesn’t seem that any of the new hope or change is helping the state of the Miles Davis Biopic. I actually wrote last year about whether an Obama presidency might even help the success of a movie about Miles Davis. So far the prez has bigger fish to fry.

I am totally sympathetic to what Cheadle is saying. We’re not talking about the follow-up to Dark Knight here, or a Marvel Comics project – where finding a big budget and then a massive audience is hardly a problem -, but I cannot believe they wouldn’t be able to find someone to finance/distribute the biopic. If there’s money for Beverly Hills Chihuahua then by god there are a few nickels and dimes out there for a film about jazz icon Miles Davis!

But if he is fearful the project will ‘end up on the studios’ scrapheap,’ then perhaps another team should pick up the baton and see if they can get the movie produced. I still believe Cheadle is the right guy for the role of Miles Davis, but it looks like the biopic is going to remain in a vicious cycle. I hope not. I’m sure there are many reasons why the biopic has remained on a slow burn, but blaming the former president feels like a cheap out, especially when the new guy hasn’t done anything, economically speaking, in the way of making the biopic a reality – so it’s a wash in my book.

But I have hope. Onward and upward.


5 thoughts on “The Miles Davis Movie: Don Cheadle Speaks; Blames Slow Development Of Biopic On Global Economic Meltdown”

  1. I sure am tired of Bush Being Blamed For everything, 2 years down the road.In my opinion the current president is Bush on steroids. He’s done Nothing worth a damn, he has kissed every non Israeli middle eastern rear end he can, and yet we are still in Iraq and Afghanistan , now Libya. Oh that’s right, this is about the Miles Movie. as Jeremiah Wright said, The chickens are coming home too roost, Thanks Barney Frank and Chris Dodd, You fannie mae and freddie mac sycophants.they are what caused the housing crisis,then the global down turn. Maybe Don Cheadle in his next film, Can portray someone who is not completely blinded by the false light of his hero. Ok, I’m Finished, Now I dont even want to see the movie. ok, I still do, and By the way , not every jazz fan ,or miles fan ,is a leftist Sol Alisnky Protege’.

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