The Reunion: Miles, Bird and Trane Now Playing In NYC

James Marentic’s The Reunion: Miles, Bird and Trane follows the lives and work of Miles Davis, Charlie “Yardbird” Parker and John Coltrane. The play details a fantasy reunion concert where these jazz icons explore the nature of their creativity as they confront their own and each others demons.

And if Don Cheadle ever decides to bail on the Miles Davis Biopic, seems like the actor portraying Davis in ‘The Reunion’ might fit the bill nicely.

“Well, each role is different. Stacey Dotson, the actor playing Miles Davis, really got into it. He knew a lot about Miles because he had been preparing to play him for a movie. He looks a lot like him and he got that voice [Miles’ distinctive rasp] down.
— (‘The Reunion’s’ James Marentic speaking to JazzTimes)

Written by Marentic and directed by Chuck Patterson, The Reunion features Michael Wright, Marcus Naylor, Stacey Dotson and Ellen Martin, at The 45th Street Theater, 354 West 45th Street, NYC, through February 14th. Tickets are $15 and are available at the box office or at the local theater site.



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