The Miles Davis Movie: One Day, The Oscars

milesdavis The lovely Anne Hathaway announced the Oscar nominees Tuesday morning for the 82nd Academy Awards. I wondered a lot about the Miles Davis Biopic and whether or not the film might one day provide the foundation for a host of nominations.

Let’s get the darn thing filmed first, I know, but it’s always fun to speculate over the Oscar fortunes of the Miles Davis Movie.

Let’s assume the movie is really good, regardless if it follows a Hollywood-style biopic blueprint (like the excellent “Ray”), or the more independent, ‘deconstructed’ movie narrative we know Don Cheadle has talked about following.

Anyway… if the Miles Davis Biopic is a slam dunk, I will venture to almost guarantee a Best Actor nomination for Cheadle. He’s immensely popular and talented, and he would have just portrayed one of the artistic legends of the 20th century. Not too mention directed the film as well.

We reported in November that Herbie Hancock is planning to score the movie. Go ahead and pencil him in for a Best Original Score nomination right now.

Beyond that it’s guess work. A lot will depend on what other films are in contention the year the biopic is released. Hey, a Best Picture nomination isn’t out of the question, especially now that the category includes 10 nominees. Best Director is a possibility, as is the Best Original Screenplay.

Cinematography, Costume Design and Editing might each be in play as well. We’ll leave the other acting categories aside until we see who signs onto the film, and in what roles.

It’s not going to be “Titanic” or “Forrest Gump” or any of the ‘big’ movies that blow through the Oscars and sweep up a boatload of awards, but the Miles Davis Biopic might have just enough blend of a really good movie, the Don Cheadle factor and the Academy’s desire to honor the legacy of an entertainment icon to bring home the gold in 2011…2012…2013… ?


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