The Miles Davis Movie: HBO, Miles Davis And The Idea Of A 10-Hour Movie

car-miles1 Last year I read on The Playlist some quotes from Steven Soderbergh regarding his “Che” film, Part One: “The Argentine” and Part Two: “Guerilla.”

Soderbergh spoke about dividing the film into two parts and what he’d do differently in retrospect.

“Now I look at it and wish we’d just gone to HBO and done 10 hours. I really do, because there’s still so much stuff that was interesting to me that we just couldn’t do. I mean, there’s a whole other movie, at least, to deal with…”

I already offered up the idea of a feature film versus Ken Burns’ documentary for the better way to produce a Miles Davis biopic, but the idea of connecting ’10 hours’ and ‘HBO’ for a Miles Davis story definitely piques my interest.

Look, I’m all set to get my popcorn, M&Ms and diet Coke, take a back right aisle seat (that’s just where I handle my movie-going business) and enjoy the life and times of Miles Davis on the big screen.

But I’ll allow myself to daydream about a 5-part/10-hour HBO movie event that has the luxury of time to tell the complete story. But even with all the panache, budget, awards and legacy that comes with HBO productions, a Miles Davis biopic on the pay channel still doesn’t have the same…what?…feel?… of watching the story unfold on the silver screen. That might be nostalgia taking hold of me, but there’s something about the ‘movies’ that adds that special touch.

(The above doesn’t to apply to films that are terrible and leave you hating the medium completely because something so awful was produced and only exists to waste your good time and money. We all have our personal list.)

But I digress…

I am wholly confident the feature film being developed by Don Cheadle and team is going to be a knock-out, but it’s cool to think what Cheadle could do with 10 hours to tell the Miles Davis story.

Speaking of HBO, there’s a project listed on IMDB titled The Miles Davis Documentary, a project written and directed by Christopher Wilkinson, who is/was co-writing the Miles Davis biopic with Stephen J. Rivele (maybe).

I have no clue what this project is about (besides Miles Davis that is), or if it has anything to do with the movie. But it’s listed on HBO’s development slate, so I can only assume that’s where it’s scheduled to run.

Composer and bandleader Bob Belden is penciled in as one of the producers, and has some connection to Miles Davis (Miles from India). Its running time is listed at 90 minutes, so I’m wondering if it’s going to focus on a specific part of Miles Davis (“Kind of Blue,” legacy, etc.) or will just compress his life and times into an engaging hour and a half.

Big screen, cable, webisode, Movie of the Week… I’m just ready to see the life of Miles Davis, on any kind of screen.


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