Never Say Never: Snoop Dogg ‘wants to play Miles Davis’

snoop-dogg Snoop Dogg doesn’t know Don Cheadle has a Miles Davis Biopic in the works. I’m willing to bet A LOT of people have no idea there is a project in development between Cheadle and the Miles Davis Estate.

But you have to love the fact that Snoop Dogg revealed that he would ‘love to play Miles Davis.’

Via Digital Spy, we learn that the rap star believes Davis’ “brilliant” story should be told in a biopic. I concur.

“One day Quincy Jones said to me, ‘When you rap it sounds like Miles Davis playing his trumpet’,” Dogg explained. “I became curious and wanted to know more about him. I started to listen to his records and read about him.

“For me, Miles isn’t a hero, but a desire and a challenge. Miles didn’t care what people or critics thought about him – he just played his music and kept developing himself as a person. He just did his own thing. That’s the reason why I want to play him. His brilliant story needs to be told.”

His brilliant story needs to be told.

Let’s repeat that one more time: His brilliant story needs to be told

Snoop definitely knows what’s up. In fact, his quote pretty much sums up the reason I started the Miles Davis Movie blog and continue to discuss the project here at MDO.

Hey, if the Cheadle project falls apart let’s let Snoop have a crack at the biopic. Why not? Okay, Snoop Dogg is not the first 10 or 12 people that come to mind when thinking of actors who might portray the jazz legend, but hey… whatever works. And it’s not like he has this whole Iron Man/War Machine stuff getting in the way of production.

And there’s no law that says Snoop can’t make his own damn movie about Miles. So Snoop, if you want to put together a film about Miles Davis with you in the starring role, then we have your back.


2 thoughts on “Never Say Never: Snoop Dogg ‘wants to play Miles Davis’”

  1. Sorry Jhyatt, I don’t have his back. I don’t have his front or side either. Give him a role, but not Miles. But anyhow, since were talking about casting, let’s not forget Melanie Laurent. Wow, Inglorious Basteurds, now that was a strange, fun movie. And the thing is Melanie can sing, so either her or Marion would do a great job playing Juliette Greco.

    But who will play Coltrane, Herbie, Tony Williams, Cicely Tyson, or Frances Taylor? I can’t wait. I hope Cheadle checks this site out.

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