Miles Davis / In Poetry

miles-davis-481 We haven’t really explored poetry inspired by Miles Davis around here, but I stumbled upon a poem titled “Miles Davis” by Amanda Garner on Windhover, North Carolina State University’s literary and visual magazine, and decided hers was a nice place to start looking at how the jazz icon influences poets.

Here is a snippet, plus the link to the entire poem.

Miles Davis by Amanda Garner

He came through the waves

of the radio, dropping in

from somewhere above the world,

as if his body took form, covering

the gray coffee stains

on the seat beside me as I drove.

Reaching over, he placed

his hand on top of mine…

LINK to poem


2 thoughts on “Miles Davis / In Poetry”

  1. one volume (actually 2) is missing on your bookshelf:
    Milestones: The Music And Times Of Miles Davis, by Jack Chambers

  2. Man, do your own research! Okay, here is good jumping off points: Second Set, a collection of Jazz poetry and the other anthology, Second Set, both edited by Sascha Feinstein and Komunyakaa have many good literary poems about Davis and others. Check William Ford’s “Of Miles Davis”. Also, see Frank O’Hara and Miles Davis: The Poetry and Jazz of the New York School, a great book. A brief guide to jazz poetry can be found at There is “Personal Poem” by Frank O’Hara too. The list could really be longer than your entire blog.
    by Frank O’Hara

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