Miles Davis And Getty Images

75614455 It’s a major understatement to say that Getty Images has in their possession some of the most amazing photos of Miles Davis. But far be it from me to steal borrow such wonderful images for Miles Davis Online and risk the wrath of the company.

And even though I think I should be able to post the photos, I shall not. Instead, I’ll provide the links. Sure, the ‘getty images’ text splashed across the center of every photo is like the most annoying thing ever, but these are fantastic photos from some very talented photographers. I’m grateful to Getty Images for housing such an outstanding collection.

Every time I think I’ve found my favorite Miles Davis image, I quickly find another.

There are hundreds and hundreds of Miles Davis photos. Here are a few.

Ali Vs. Frazier — 1

At The Apollo Theater

Live At Carnegie

Birth of the Cool sessions

Miles Live

At the Apollo Theater

Ali Vs. Frazier — 1

Miles and Claes

Max, Miles And Kai

Davis & Haig In The Studio

Photo of Paul CHAMBERS and Miles DAVIS…

Photo of Miles DAVIS…

Photo of Miles DAVIS…

Photo of Miles DAVIS…

Photo of Miles DAVIS…

Young Miles

Miles Davis On ‘The Sound Of Miles Davis’


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