The Actor, The Trumpet And Dreams Of A Miles Davis Biopic

I stumbled upon this pretty terrific photo of Don Cheadle checking out one of Miles Davis’ trumpets during his visit to the big expo in Paris.

So. Many. Captions. I honestly don’t know where to start. Just look at Cheadle, gazing at the instrument, the genius’ tool of choice. The mechanism that would make him a legend.

I wonder if Cheadle is envisioning himself holding such a trumpet, locked into the character of Miles Davis — stepping into the icon’s shoes for all the world to see. It’s almost as if he is looking at that trumpet and thinking about a certain scene that’s been on his mind, or just how crazy it will be when the cameras roll and he’s standing on a soundtage somewhere playing the trumopet as Miles Davis.

The picture keeps the flame alive for those of us who wait patiently for the actor to put together his vision for a Miles Davis Biopic. It might take forever, but we’ll get there.

I would love to know what Cheadle was thinking that day, especially in moments such as these when he seems so transfixed, so locked in to what challenges and triumphs lay ahead as he steers the Miles Davis Movie towards its final destination.

No pressure, Don!

With so little information floating around out there about the Miles Davis Movie, a photograph such as this one speaks volumes. Any other ‘celebrity’ photographed at the expo checking out Davis’ horn would register about zero here and probably elsewhere, but this is the actor who, as of this second, is the driving force behind the Miles Davis Biopic. Don Cheadle is the best chance, for now, of such a project surfacing from being seemingly forever in ‘development’ hell and into production – and eventually into a theater near you.

The photograph tells me Cheadle is inching closer to the heart of his vision, getting nearer to that special narrative he believes will best tell the story. With all the monster hype following him about “Iron Man 2,” the image shows a man still passionate about the Miles Davis Movie, still aware of the importance, still in tune with what a wonderful, cinematic experience is just waiting to be achieved.

Right now there is one actor who has the chance to ‘be’ Miles Davis. You have to think when Don Cheadle is staring at the trumpet, a quick chill runs up his spine, a burst of excitement he keeps wrapped under his cool exterior, but all the while deliriously happy over the opportunity to direct and star in the movie about the life of Miles Davis.



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