The Miles Davis Movie: What Would Miles Think?


I think if Miles Davis were living today the Miles Davis biopic would have already been made. It might not have starred Don Cheadle, but I believe the project would have been pushed through with the help of a big-time producer or director.

At what point the idea for a biopic was dreamed up I have no idea. Miles may have already died before anyone even had an inclination about pursuing a biopic of the jazz icon. But it’s hard to know, unless you’re family, or close friend, how he would have felt if a project were being discussed before he died. Maybe he kept demanding Billy Dee Williams play the part! Maybe he wanted it shot in black & white.

Maybe he would have objected to the whole idea of a movie about his life. Or maybe he would have been doing script notes in between gigs.

But let’s say he’s alive, and the project is still exactly where it is right now. Either he just doesn’t give a damn, or he’s doing everything possible to get the movie produced.

My gut tells me were he alive the film would have developed into something more like “Ray,” but I could be wrong and he might have actually loved the ‘deconstructed biopic’ narrative that’s been mentioned by Cheadle and Darryl Porter (Miles Davis Properties).


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