New Miles Davis Exhibition at the Cité de la Musique in Paris


Oh, to be in Paris anytime between October 16th and January 17th (2010).

“This exhibition follows Miles Davis’ musical and personal journey, from his hometown in East St-Louis, to his retrospective concert at La Villette in Paris, just a few weeks before his death. Beginning in the mid Sixties, Miles Davis began printing “Directions in Music by Miles Davis” on his albums, rather than just his name. As a tribute to his visionary approach, visitors can discover each of these “directions” along a pathway displaying photographs taken by the biggest names in musical photography, video excerpts from his concerts, instruments he or his travel companions played, rare scores and stage costumes, documents related to the creation of his albums, original releases of his great records, as well as works of art, paintings and sculptures, testifying to an aura which vastly exceeded the sphere of music.” (via the always enjoyable HPRG)

The exhibition is organized into several rooms that follow periods in Miles’ life:

From St. Louis to 52nd Street: searching for Bird (1926-1948) – From a comfortable childhood to the New York clubs and the dream of be-bop.

Out of the Cool: invention et self-hatred (1949-1954) – First émancipation, the invention of cool and the torment of drugs.

Miles Ahead: in the studio for Columbia (1955-1962) – In big or small groups, the albums that were to reveal his full talent.

Miles Smiles: controlled freedom (1963-1967) – Feeling young again and getting back into jazz.

Electric Miles: the distortion of rock (1968-1971) – A new era, a new look. Miles gets into rock.

On the Corner: the pulse of funk (1972-1975) – Looking for the sound of the streets: the blackness of funk and the impact of boxing.

Silence, solitude and requiem (1976-1980) – Torments, dizziness and reclusion.

« Star People »: the interplanetary icon (1980-1991) – Setting up the image of a legend, icon and star.


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