Miles Davis Is Hell-Bent For Leather (The Hernando Reinoso Connection)


I’m Learning To Share! put together a terrific post about an article from the March 1970 issue of Show magazine. It focuses on a few L.A. and NYC fashion designers known for outfitting some of the more flamboyant pop stars of the day. There are a lot of great photos to check out – especially Miles Davis, of course.

Rock Threads: 1970 magazine photo-spread

“Miles Davis and others knew where to find clothier Hernando Reinoso, but looking online these days there seems to be only a very few memories of his leather shop located on Christopher Street in New York City’s West Village.”

Blurb on the photograph:

“I really dig Hernando’s clothes ’cause you don’t feel like you have anything on… I mean everything he makes me immediately becomes a part of me as soon as I put it on… now that’s what clothes are meant to be.” – Miles Davis

© Raeanne Rubenstein


2 thoughts on “Miles Davis Is Hell-Bent For Leather (The Hernando Reinoso Connection)”

  1. This is funny, especially since my uncle’s only assistants were my mother,Dimitri and myself. My mother and her brother made the clothes in the above referenced photo.

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