Anton Corbijn Spotlights Tom Waits in New Coffee Table Book

tom-waits-portraitWe link to this note about the new book because Tom Waits is one of my favorite artists besides Miles Davis. Not too mention photographer and filmmaker Anton Corbijn has taken some excellent Miles Davis photos.

Iconic photographer and filmmaker Anton Corbijn has been involved with some pretty big names throughout his career, including the likes of U2, Depeche Mode, Nirvana, and Joy Division. Whether he’s worked as a photographer (like on the Joshua Tree album cover), a video director (Depeche Mode’s “Personal Jesus”) or film auteur (the Joy Division biopic Control), Corbijn has always brought a unique vision to his subjects.

Now, Corbijn’s work with swampy blues personality Tom Waits will be collected in a new photography book. Simply titled Waits/Corbijn, the book showcases a stunning collection of Waits portraits that Corbijn has photographed in their 30 years working together.

The book is 160 pages, including 75 colour and duotone plates, and will also include Tom Waits lyrics interspersed between photos.

Waits/Corbijn is due out on October 26 from publisher Schirmer/Mosel.


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