Talkin’ Miles: Art, Hollywood Bowl & The Biopic

photomiles * “I use a trumpet player in my jazz images for multiple reasons,” explains Cruz. “On my journey as an artist, Miles Davis’s music has had a powerful influence in my work. A friend who was a very talented trumpet player exposed me to his music.

“Over the years, I began to listen to Miles’s music while I painted and it would help me to transpose my emotions onto the canvas.” — Artist Maria Elena Cruz. Her work will be on display at Portfolio Coffeehouse, 2300 E. 4th St. (Long Beach, CA). “Jazz In The Sun– A Melodic Exploration Of Jazz In Painting” runs through September 28 with an artist reception on Saturday, August 29.

* 1959 – a great year for Jazz

* Miles Davis / Gil Evans: Still Ahead — a review from the LA Times.

* Don Cheadle Talks Miles Davis Movie at Comic-Con

* “Claude Thornhill was a pianist, composer, and arranger whose 1940s big band helped shape the sound of modern jazz, with orchestral bop and ethereal ballads tinged with classical influences that set the stage for later masterpieces by Miles Davis and Gil Evans.” — Claude Thornhill: Godfather of Cool


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