Don Cheadle Talks Miles Davis Movie at Comic-Con


I stumbled on this interesting interview with Don Cheadle during his press rounds at Comic-Con.

The back-and-forth questioning is brought to us via Paul Fischer and Moviehole (many thanks):

Question: What are you doing next? Do you want to do a smaller film next?

Cheadle: I’ve gotta get this Miles Davis project off, so that’s going to take my time.

Question: How’s that going?

Cheadle: It’s going good. We have a script that we’re working on. We’ve just gotta beat the bushes.

Question: Do you want to direct it?

Cheadle: If it doesn’t kill me, yes.

Question: What timeline of his life are you covering?

Cheadle: It’s not a cradle to grave story at all, but it touches a lot of parts of his life. It’s not a biopic.

Question: Which is your favorite of Miles’ groups?

Cheadle: I don’t have a favorite. There’s so many.

Question: What inspired your passion for his music and this project?

Cheadle: My heroin addiction. [Laughs] No. That’s probably not the best answer.

Wow. The acknowledgment alone is stunning. If they make the 2011 release I will be surprised. But it’s still ‘on.’ It is still… happening.

I’m surprised he doesn’t call it a ‘biopic.’ We already knew it was going to be ‘deconstructed’ and not utilize the usual Hollywood blueprint for a biopic (see: “Ray”). Sounds like he could be persuaded to give up the directors’ chair.

We have already touched on the issue of what happens if a new director were brought in to guide the project, allowing Cheadle to focus on playing Miles.

In the end it’s nice to know the biopic/not-biopic was brought up and Cheadle addressed it.

Raise your hand if you feel as it I perhaps started this Blog about two years too soon! Oh well. It’s been awesome all along, and the journey continues… Onward and upward!

No stoppin’ until this bad boy is cast, shot, cut, marketed and playing down the street at my local AMC theatres.


4 thoughts on “Don Cheadle Talks Miles Davis Movie at Comic-Con”

  1. Thanks for the updates. I didn’t know about this before now but I am glad to hear it. I’m anxious to see what they include about the relationship between Miles and John Coltrane. That would be very interesting to see.

    Peace and blessings.

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