Miles Davis Is A Warlord Of The Weejuns


Over at MDO favorite Ivy Style, Christian Chensvold directs our attention to Esquire jazz and style writer George Frazier’s 1965 essay he wrote for the liner notes of the album “Miles Davis’ Greatest Hits.”

It’s a terrific essay, and if you have any interest in Davis’ wardrobe and his thoughts on style (very particular about his clothes, that Miles Davis), it’s even better.

Here’s a snippet of The Warlord of the Weejuns by George Frazier:

Oh. he’s a cool one all right, but writing about him presents certain problems, for although he is the most modern, the most contemporary of men, he is also a man born out of his time. In a godawful age when a lot of silly bastards dared appear in public in Nehru jackets (thank the Lord that Nehru didn’t have to live to witness that), Miles Davis, I’m afraid, is largely wasted. But before we have the next dance, I want it clearly understood that I’m not advocating that all men aspire to dress like Davis. That would be unrealistic, for it is this man’s particular charm that he is unique, not only in his apparel, but in his lifestyle.


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