Today In Miles Davis Movie News…


Thankfully Ovation TV aired The Miles Davis Story a few times last week. It’s definitely a documentary worth seeing whether you know nothing or everything about Miles Davis. Ian Carr is great. The old footage, and focus on the early years, is really good. It’s not a perfect doc on the life of Miles Davis, but we’ll take what we can get.

I still contend that if this movie never makes it Ken Burns should do a 5-part series for PBS.

There is The Miles Davis Documentary, directed by Miles Davis biopic screenwriter Christopher Wilkinson, but we have no idea when it’s debuting and on what channel – though cable (HBO) makes the most sense.

As for poker superstar Don Cheadle, well, there are 6 projects listed as In Development via imdb – Untitled Miles Davis Biopic is one of them. It has a 2011 date with it, so perhaps all my carrying on about no news is silly …because it’s only 2009!

We shall see.


2 thoughts on “Today In Miles Davis Movie News…”

  1. I think Don Cheadle can also build a lot from the Miles Davis Reader interviews/articles which almost chronologically covers his work in detail..

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