Joni Mitchell Paints Miles Davis


* from A Conversation with Joni Mitchell by Daniel Levitin © Grammy Magazine March 1997

JM: Yeah, he liked my painting and he’d seen this print that a mutual friend of ours had and he called me up, (whispers) ‘Joni, I like that painting that you did. Nice colors. I want to come over and watch you paint.’ So he would talk painting but he wouldn’t talk music with me. He never would talk music.

DL: So you knew him?

JM: A little bit. I approached him on many occasions to play with me see, and he wouldn’t play with me. When he died, his son inherited his record collection, and he said to me, “Joni, did you give Dad all your records?”

I said “no, on a couple of occasions I gave him just a tape that I wanted him to play on and an art print to bribe him, or something (laughs)…”

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